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The Word is Baseball

The title phrase of this post is from one of my three most favorite books, Shoeless Joe by W.P. (William Patrick) Kinsella. It is not the signature line from the book or the movie it inspired, Field of Dreams. That would be the oft-quoted “If you build …


Bass Master

New at Mystic Fig’s blog: Bass Master

We’ve have had Mike Mallory, bassist extraordinaire, doing tracks for our upcoming, yet-to-be-named album. He’s done several bass parts from his lair down in So-Cal, and they are phenomenal. I can’t even…

Mike Mallory

Mike Mallory

I mean, Geddy Lee, eat your heart out. He did some truly outside-the-bass-box things on several of the songs that absolutely changed the way I thought about the song, and just now…

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The Bag: Creative Chaos

Friday, I bring The Bag to my daughter’s school for a writing workshop. What is The Bag, you ask? What does it contain?

It contains Creative Chaos…


Faith in Film: Religious Themes in SF

Book View Cafe author Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff was one of several science fiction writers interviewed by the Deseret News Online on the subject of religious themes in science fiction movies and books.

Maya writes fantasy and science fiction, including co-authoring a trio of Star Wars novels with her Jedi Master, Michael Reaves.

The Deseret News is affiliated with the Church of the Latter Day Saints, while Maya is a member of the Bahá’í Faith. 

“So, this is a sort of interfaith collaboration—about science fiction,” says Maya, “How cool is that?”

April Showers Bring Recording Projects


So March is wrapping up and April is staring us in the face, and it looks busy.

Jeff has been working with Seanan McGuire on her new album (to be named), as well as with Scott Snyder and Mark Osier. We are also putting together songs for our next album.

The big deal in April is the beginning of a new project with (redacted). Yes, we are working on an album with (mystery talent). No, I can’t tell…

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News Update—What We’ve Been Up To


Margaret & Kristoph

This year’s Consonance (THE Bay Area Filk Convention) was better than ever. We had international guest Rika Körte as a houseguest for several days the week before the con, which was delightful. It also gave us time work up some music together such that Jeff and I both performed in her set and she performed in ours.

We also performed with Kristoph and Margaret on what is…

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Here, Jedi Master Grimm, our Fuzzy Overlord, does battle with an alien menace—the dreaded Jelly Bean monster.

We’re training our cat, Grimm, to be a Jedi catster. He is also known as “Princess Beelzebub our fuzzy Overlord”.

The Word is Baseball





Just a quick note for those interested: the New Millennium Edition of WIZARD’S HOLIDAY will launch tomorrow, Spread the word.

Meanwhile, my eyes are crossing from proofing this thing. I’m going to go fall over now.


Your eyes were definitely crossing, hon. There’s something missing. Remember this little plaque on the wall beside your desk…? (-D


ETA: OK, all the files have been fixed and have the right cover on them now… so when you’re all finished laughing at me you can run over here and buy one if you like. (If you’re on the Ebooks Direct mailing list, wait till you get your notification mail; there’s a little something in there for you.)

…I’m never going to live this down, am I. Somebody is going to be dining out on this for years. (Somebody who had better hurry up and have his damn shower and take me down to the pub because I want a pizza, dammit. The day I’ve had, sheesh…

*giggles*  and reblogs for commentary.

Sung to the tune of “she’ll be comin’ round the mountain”“

"Oh, there’s no name on the cover of the book. 
No, my name ain’t on the cover of my book.
It’s a Time best-selling story,
But I won’t get the glory,
'cos my name's not on the cover of my book.”
(Sorry, Diane, I couldn’t resist.)

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